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Client & Athletes Testimonials

"Dan began coaching me in 2016. Dan has been there for many different parts of my fitness journey, some bad but mostly good. He has always been there with me in all aspects not just the training part, but the mental and emotional part as well. He is always accessible to me if I need him for any reason. I know he genuinely cares about his clients and he always does everything he can to make sure I succeed in everything I do. He’s passionate about fitness and preaches consistency over anything else. I’ve grown and learned so much from Dan I look forward to continue working him in the future."

-Jodi Hartwick

"Dan Bulay is an excellent trainer. Before training began, he had me fill out questionnaire and had a meeting with me about my fitness goals. When I had my first training session, it was very difficult, but I knew it was something I could handle. And that’s how it felt with every session. Dan was always able to push me through a difficult workout, and always knew if he was pushing too much. His workouts are engaging and active and always makes sure my form is correct. His communication with me is also great since he offers a weekly video conference to check up on how I am doing and to answer any questions I have. He also offers nutritional help which has very beneficial for me. Altogether, he has helped me lose more than 25 pounds. He is a great trainer, especially if you have little to no experience with personal fitness."

-Noel Beltran

"Dan is one of the most passionate personal trainers in the field. He really does care about every client he works with. I've been working with Dan for about a few months and the results have been phenomenal! He does weekly calls and makes himself available whenever I need him. Whether it's exercise questions or diet questions, he always provides great guidance. For anyone who needs the extra push to your fitness goals, Dan is your guy. He constantly pushes you to do better than the last time because he believes we're capable of a lot more than we think. He's super knowledgeable about health and fitness so I'm happy to say that I'm lucky to have him during my path to reach my fitness goals!"

-Cassandra Beltran

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